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Online therapy

Are there enough psychologists looking after people in your situation near you?

Maybe you’d have to travel a super long distance to get therapy?

Perhaps time too tight for you to be able to attend an appointment during business hours?

Or if you’ve got little kids too, it can be extra-hard to leave the house, let alone attend appointments and wrangle child-minding.

Or maybe you’re in isolation as we slow COVID-19 down using social distancing.

Get support – wherever you are

Accessing treatment remotely means you can get the help you need, when and where it’s convenient for you.

Usually, you don’t need a referral – just call and see if you’d like to work with me.

Online sessions work well

I’ve got some beautiful clients who really appreciate being able to work with me from all across Australia.  Online therapy sessions take much of the hassle out of attending appointments and can work really well.

All you need is a private room, an internet connection and a device. Here’s some tips for being ready at your end.

I use video-conferencing for my personal and professional needs because it suits me too. I love being able to get clinical supervision and some support over the internet. I don’t have to leave work to have a meeting, I get to stay in my own space, drinking something soothing and dressed comfortably.  Then once my session is over, I can easily have some quiet time if I need it rather than travelling straight away.

Call now and we’ll find a suitable time for your session.

Rural, Remote, or Very Remote Australia and Bushfire Access Telehealth Rebates

If you live in rural, remote, or very remote Australia you may be able to get a Medicare rebate for 10 sessions with a psychologist every calendar year with a GP referral.

If you’ve been affected by the bushfires you may be able to access support without a GP referral – call 0456 033 200 today to find out about reduced rates and rebates for bushfire survivors.

Telehealth rebate map ~ Zoom in on the map and choose your locale – you’re eligible if you live in MMM region 4, 5, 6 or 7.

Modified Monash Model Map

Visit your doctor to see if you’re entitled to a Mental Health Care Plan and ask your doctor for a referral letter to me.

Or give me a call on 0456 033 200 to discuss your situation and we’ll figure it out together.