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What is professional supervision?

Professional supervision is a confidential space for you to bring your hopes and fears, your vulnerabilities and passions, your lofty dreams and awful nightmares. Supervision means having a place to explore your internal experience in the role of educational leader.

Supervision can be literally life-changing.

We won’t be talking about leadership skills specifically. That’s for professional development and you already most likely have some access to that. That sort of development often really helps you help others, and that’s wonderful. But it’s not what’s going on in these supervision sessions.

It’s also not about me telling you what to do. You know how to do your job, this isn’t like supervising a trainee teacher. This is different.

Supervision can be summarized as a supportive peer relationship that works towards developing sustainable emotional and professional practices in leadership.

We’ll most likely be discussing how you lead your life, what fills your thoughts, what keeps you at school late, what your values are, who you can rely on, and how to cope with the emotional load you’re carrying around all the time.

“The emphasis here is on developing a relationship of trust that enables an open and honest exploration of the issues that the client is facing in their life” (Westergaard, 2013)

Together we’ll work through ways to feel as good as you can, explore mental models to help you structure your internal narrative, and keep you focused and acting on what you you value most.

Through supervision you’ll develop your emotional flexibility through reflection and exploration. I’ll help you figure out healthy ways to manage the emotions of educational leadership, and you’ll learn how to recognise your stress levels and triggers, and act before you drop or pop!

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How does it work?

It’s simple. First we have a chat and see if we want to work together.

Call 0456 033 200

Then you book an appointment time and we take it from there. I encourage my clients to treat these appointments as seriously unbreakable as the appointments at school you’d never think of cancelling. Your wellbeing is at least as important as everything else you’re dealing with.

Sessions are available at my rooms on Mondays and Wednesdays, or online on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What do I need to do before my first appointment?

Once you’re booked in, I’ll send you some questionnaires to complete to assess your current stress and distress levels, plus an intake form to provide demographic details and your hopes.

If it’s a session at my rooms, we’ll meet there. If it’s an online session we’ll use a secure video-conferencing platform. I’ll send you all the details you need in the first emails and we’ll be good to go!