Older Adults

We have an ageing population, with more older adults than any time in human history and I’m passionate about older adults’ mental health.

Like you, I believe that everyone deserves to experience life without unnecessary misery or anguish.


Sadly, anxiety rears its worried head in at least 1 in 10 older adults, as does depression.  Even worse, they tend to go together hand-in-hand.

Figures from aged care facilities indicate that up to 50% of residents experience depression.

These mental health issues are not a normal part of ageing.

Generally, community-living older adults get less anxious and less depressed than younger adults.


It’s amazing that we can now expect to live well past our 60s, but we’re still figuring out what great ageing looks like (and how to best support it).

The World Health Organization released 10 Priorities for a Decade of Action on Healthy Ageing and two of priorities in particular are close to my heart.

  • Align health systems to the needs of older people
  • Campaign to combat ageism

I deliver individual therapy at a reduced cost to older adults in care facilities, retirement villages or in their own homes.

Plus I give awesome presentations about older adults’ mental health to groups of all sizes and happily tailor the content to suit all audiences.

Call me to enquire about a presentation or therapy 0456 033 200

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