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There’s ways of thriving even when you’re under the pump.

Are you a thriving leader?  Is finding a balance in among all the demands difficult for you at the moment?  There’s so many directions to be pulled in, are you finding your internal compass is a bit off?

Do you have emotional needs that are not being taken care of? Is your community there for you? Perhaps you’re one of the leaders who is being bullied, threatened or physically hurt by someone in your work community.  Maybe you’re lashing out in response.

“That last session we had was the most important and useful conversation I’ve had in 11 years” (Australian Principal)

Nearly 1 in 3 school leaders have been bullied or experienced acts of violence, and almost half have been threatened with violence.  This is unacceptable and truly difficult to cope with if it’s happening to you.

Leaders can be very negatively affected by the emotional demands of their job.  Job satisfaction and health-related quality of life can really be damaged when dealing with emotional loads at work.  From there it’s understandable that people struggle with secondary stress, burnout, compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma. 

I provide professional supervision to leaders who want support and strategies so they can continue in their valuable role.

I work with leaders who have had difficult experiences to help them find good ways of dealing with their unique situations.

I support people who want to make a difference to others and know that they need to make a difference in their own lives first.

Session times are flexible and can be arranged at my rooms, at your office or online.

I provide professional development regarding emotions, leadership and wellbeing, with content that is tailored to your group’s needs. Topics can include: work-life flow, maintaining and improving emotional wellbeing, developing strategies for key parts of life (e.g., work, play, self-development, family/social relationships), activities to highlight present states and help map out preferred states, value-orienting, self-care, action-planning, problem solving, and self-evaluation.

Let’s have a chat and see if we can work together.

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As project manager and researcher for the Principal Health and Wellbeing project, I have unique insights into the roles and hardships experienced by school leaders.  Find out more about me.

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