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Adaptive Mental Health throughout COVID-19

Have you had an opportunity to discuss emotional wellbeing and working through a pandemic with your staff?

Or to give your people a framework for holding the tumultuous times we’re in and their resilience to it?

Have you had a chance to hear and address the main concerns of all your employees?

Fear not! Dr Aimee is here! 😊 Clearly while this is a superhero situation I’m definitely not one, but I can help you out a bit.

Thanks to an invitation from the Victorian Association of Catholic Secondary School Principals to speak at a wellbeing meeting, some principals reached out to ask if I could support their schools through COVID. And so the “Adaptive Mental Health Through COVID-19 – Return to Workplaces” live webinar and forum was born.

The webinar and Q&A forum has been very well received by those who’ve attended (testimonials available by request to maintain privacy).

During the online session/s you and your staff will find out what’s normal and what’s likely to happen with personal wellbeing as we return to workplaces. They’ll have a chance to have their deepest fears asked and safely answered. Your organisation will know you’re doing something about their mental health because you will be, and you’ll find insight regarding your community’s reactions and likely recovery. See the program guide here.

Whichever format suits your organisation best, your staff will have an opportunity to learn about what’s going on right now, how to keep their mindset and emotions focused on what’s important, and a chance to have concerns and worries honestly addressed.

We can do 2 live online sessions spaced >24 hours apart, or 1 longer live online session (2 hours). I’ve been hosting big online group meetings for a while now and so I’ve got all the tech and know-how, you just need to provide your staff with my link and a time and we’re good to go!

If this sounds like it might be useful for you please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours so we can organise your organisation’s session.