Are you stuck in a pattern you need to change?
Do you want to know how to move forward in this stage of your life?
Do you need to find some motivation for change?
Would you like to feel like you can be true to yourself wherever you are and whoever you’re with?

Educational leaders
I’ve spent the past decade investigating what helps and what hurts wellbeing in busy leaders’ lives. There’s significant (and often negative) interactions between emotional demands at work and personal health and wellbeing and I help educational leaders who are experiencing workplace difficulties like bullying, or ongoing work overload, or chronic stress to find solutions and strategies that really make a difference. There’s ways of thriving even when things feel dire. I also provide professional development that helps leaders understand and deal with emotions in the workplace at all organisational levels.

Older adults (60+)
I help older adults improve their wellbeing. Together we can improve feelings of coping, day-to-day functioning, sense of control, and self-efficacy. You’ll learn thought-catching, understanding and refocusing so as to best manage your unique situation. We’ll look back at your prior strengths with acceptance and compassion and see how they can help you adapt to the challenges of aging. And old trauma can be worked through, understood and dealt with so you’re not carrying a weight or secret alone anymore. I present informational talks about mental health and aging.

I watched a heartfelt movie one day when I was 13 and home from school (Son-Rise) and that same year we studied The October Child. I was intrigued by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental issues and wanted to know more. Fast forward 30 years and I do. I help parents and children who need special supports to do great things. We work on all sorts of issues like behaviour, emotional regulation and sensory sensitivity.


Living is mostly a balance between intensity and ordinary – but ordinary doesn’t have to mean unfulfilled or unhappy, and intense doesn’t have to be scary.  Problems, difficulties and all of your emotions are natural and normal parts of life.  Feeling overwhelming emotions (e.g., miserable, trapped, anxious or ashamed) is a common experience, but you don’t have to stay feeling like that.

Come learn to balance your real needs with your unique situation.

I’ll help you find the patterns in your experiences and how those patterns influence you.

You’ll really understand how your mind, body and emotions come together (like a perfect storm sometimes!) and make you you.

Together, we can ensure that you are being true in your relationships and that you feel loved.

We’ll work together to plan your next step on the path to coping and living well, and doing it in a way you can be proud of.

Call 0456 033 200 to find out more. You’ll speak directly to me (Dr Aimee Maxwell) so you can start on the path to feeling better straight away.


Caring, affordable, excellent therapy for all ages. Melbourne psychologist specialising in leaders, autism, and older adults. Anxiety, depression, parenting, behaviour, workplace issues, grief, health,  leadership, and principals’ health and wellbeing.

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Hi, I’m Dr Aimee Maxwell.
I’m a psychologist and researcher with a background in neuroscience, generalist psychology, and educational and developmental psychology and I work with a wide range of clients and issues.

Dr Aimee Maxwell Psychologist
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I’m an explorer, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a lifelong learner.  I enjoy reading, skiing, travelling, loving my family and gobbling up life.  I love navy blue and purple, sunlight and velvet, ocean waves and ancient rocks, stars and rainbows, hydrangeas and lisianthuses, and fantastical beasts and roller-coasters.

I’m committed to helping people enjoy good mental health.  I provide individual therapy, and in my project management role for the Principal Health and Wellbeing project, I investigate population wellbeing.  I’ll always provide a respectful, caring and committed service to clients that respects age, personal or cultural beliefs and heritage, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity.  All psychological services are evidence-based and up-to-date.



  • Clinic – 1036 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East
  • Online – sessions can be conducted over the internet using secure video-conferencing.
  • Home and school visits are possible and may be eligible for a Medicare rebate if there is a condition that makes travelling to the clinic difficult.
  • Workplaces, schools & community centres – professional development and targeted assistance in situ.

Find out more 0456 033 200