Helping improve wellbeing of clients and families by providing evidence-based treatments based on individual need and respectful, collaborative relationships.
All ages welcome.


Caring, affordable, excellent therapy for all ages. Melbourne psychologist specialising in anxiety/depression, parenting, leadership, workplace issues, grief. Get help now.


To uphold a commitment to helping all people enjoy good mental health.

To provide a respectful, caring and committed service to clients’ that respects age, personal or cultural beliefs and heritage, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity.

To provide psychological services that are evidence-based and up-to-date.

To maintain feedback-informed treatment.

To uphold the professional code of conduct.

To adhere to the ethical framework given by the Australian Psychological Society.

Dr Aimee Maxwell Psychologist

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Are you struggling with life and need some help? People of all ages who have experienced anxiety, depression, grief, difficulty with life transitions, and post-traumatic stress disorder have had great successes with therapy. 

not waving, drowningI can assist you with emotional regulation, anger management, parenting, behaviour management and activation, workplace wellbeing, and stress management.

Neurotypical and neurodiverse people of all ages are welcome.  My support helps children and adults cope and flourish, and if needed, move closer to living in accordance with their values.

Generally, we learn emotional and other life skills through instruction, modelling, and experience but sometimes life throws curve balls that are outside our range.  It’s in those times that people sometimes need solace or guidance.



I conduct educational, cognitive, social and behavioural assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses and I work with schools and parents to ensure well-rounded care. I help assess and change current stances that aren’t working and I use a collaborative and proactive solution-focused stance to work through child conduct and behaviour difficulties. 



Man in suit cryingI can assist you at work.  I counsel individuals who are experiencing workplace difficulties – bullying, ongoing work overload and chronic stress.

I work in partnership with the Australian Catholic University and conduct international, annual wellbeing assessments of school principals.  I’m available for similar assessments in other workforces.


I help older clients who are experiencing psychological distress. Guiding people to use the skills they’ve built throughout their lifetimes can aid to smooth difficult transitions. 

Some physical or mental issues are permanent and so finding pathways to healthy coping strategies helps people come to terms with their situation and find a measure of peace and acceptance.


I can visit clients outside of the clinic (at kinder, school, home, work or at care facilities) and bulk-billing is available for these sessions where eligible.


Clinic address: 1036 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East

Out of office services
Home and school visits may be eligible for a Medicare rebate if there is a medical condition present that makes travelling to a clinic difficult.
Workplaces, schools & community centres – professional development and targeted assistance in situ.

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